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Panasonic UB-T880W Interactive Whiteboard

Panasonic UB-T880W Multi Touch and Simultaneous Input

Panasonic Panaboard UB-T880W is a wide screen Interactive Whiteboard designed with multi-touch system that allows three people to write simultaneously on the board and is highly recomended for educational institutions and businesses. As any other elite Panaboard, UB T880W lets you display the contents of a computer screen directly onto the whiteboard. It is sensitive to finger touch and electronic pen. UB-T880W is the tool that you need to keep your ideas flowing and engage the audience during a presentation. With remote PC operation, anything you write with the electronic pen can be saved with your application.

Panasonic UB-T880W Interactive Whiteboard (46.3" x 72.7")
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Installation Services
Product Description Price Order
Service Electronic Whiteboard Installation $495

Supplies and accessories for this product:
Product Description Price Order
KX-BP061 Mobile Stand $207

UE-608040 Wireless Kit $363

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  • Large 83-inch screen. Allows for high impact lessons and presentations.
  • Long life surface designed for extra durability. This board is built tough enough to withstand vigorous everyday use due to no electronic components on the board surface.
  • Simultaneous Operation. Up to three students can simultaneously enter text. You can quiz more in a short time.
  • Minimal reflection and reduced glare. Minimized light reflection ensures projected images are easy to see.
  • Multi-functional electronic pen. Ultrasonic and Infrared technologies accurately sense screen position.
Seamless "Drawing and Controlling"
The board responds to fingers, and all the board operations can be done by the touch of a finger. The movement of your finger is relayed directly to the board surface for smooth, comfortable operation. You can also use the Electronic Pen for writing characters and drawing lines. Electronic pen enables seamless drawing and object operation.

Multi-touch Operation
You can easily move, scale and rotate the images with your fingers. This is kind of cool, and will help to keep your students attentive and from getting bored.

Simultaneous Operation by Up to Three Students
The Panaboard UB-T880W can detect up to three points simultaneously. A team of three students can work together on the same task. For example, you can quiz three students on a math problem at a time.

Presentation Mode
The elite Panaboard lets you use teaching materials created with other PC applications. You favorite applications and the elite Panaboard book combine to form a powerful tool for creating and displaying eye-catching materials that make teaching much more effective and learning more fun.

Ink Note
The information written on the board can easily be solved. On the saved data, using the elite Panaboard Software, you can insert images and text into Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Board Designed for Extra Durablity and Reduced Glare
The board is built in tough enough to withstand vigorous everyday use and, because it has no electronic components, slight scratches do not effect operation.The surface is also made of a special material that minimizes light reflection, so there is little glare and projected images are easy to see.

Built-in Stereo Speakers
The built-in stereo speakers give you versatility to share audio with your class. You can play videos with sound, and effectively attract the students' attention and make your lessons more interesting.

Multifunctional Electronic Pen
The Electronic Pen has four marker colors and the eraser tool. You can use any of the colors, and remotely turn PowerPoint pages. This helps to keep the students' attention as they will get a smooth and streamlined lesson.

2 USB Hub Ports
The two USB ports allow you to connect additional devices to enhance your lessons like a document camera, a web microscope, or even a printer. This saves the necessary resources in your PC.

Optional Wireless Functions
The Wireless Kit connects the computer and the board directly; no cables are required. This gives you flexible classroom layouts.
Model number UB-T880W
Panel Surfaces Melamine Coated Hardboard
Position Sensor Capacitance Type Touch Sensor
External Dimensions (H x W x D) 52" x 74.8" x 4.6"
Screen Board Size 46.25" H x 72.7" W
Effective Area (H x W) 46.25" (H) x 83" (W)
Interface USB 2.0
Pen Pocket Put Electronic Pen away in the Pen Pocket (Maximum 4 Pens)
General Specs
Audio Input Input Level: 309 mVrms (1 kHz, 0 dB, 10 kO)
Stereo 1 system, 1/8 in. (3.5 mm) stereo mini jack
Audio Output 2 W + 2 W (Max. 4 W + 4 W)
  • Operating instructions with installation manual
  • Power cord(10 ft.)
  • 2 Wall mounting plates (Left, Right)
  • Electronic pen
  • USB Cable (16 ft.)
  • Battery(AAA")
  • Penpoint
  • Software CD-ROM
Power Supply AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption During Operation: 0.5 A (When power is OFF by the power switch: 0.2 W)
Weight 86 lbs
  • Terms and Conditions may apply
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Panasonic UB-T880 Interactive Whiteboard
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